Why Us?

Because we know that:


Development is a Big Risk

We live, breathe and advocate for making a better urban environment. We know that development is a significant risk, so we only take on projects that we believe in and stay true to our values. We approach every development as if we were the clients with thoughtfulness, diligence and sensitivity.


The Municipal Approvals Process Has Many Unknowns

We are experienced architects and planners who founded Smart Density to infuse a fresh perspective into an industry dominated by traditional, bureaucratic and often challenging approaches. Our diverse experience in the most prominent firms and municipalities means we know the nuisance of the approval process and how to navigate it.


NIMBYs Can be “Won Over” with the Right Information and Approach

We work with communities and stakeholders to understand their needs by working collaboratively across differences. This approach allows us to communicate with clear, compelling visuals and narratives that move parties to compromise and accept different perspectives.


Design is Not Just about Aesthetics, It’s about Making the Best Out of the Project Constraints

You can’t make everyone happy, but that shouldn’t prevent us from improving our communities. We approach every project with creative ideas and solutions towards achieving the highest and best use from every development.

Our Clients like Working with Us

55% of our business comes from referrals and 73% of our clients are repeat clients.