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Planning for

Shows you exactly where and what Official Plan maps you need to review to understand the development potential of sites in the City of Toronto, and how the various Design Guidelines could affect height and density.

Just like the pros.

We will walk you through them, one by one, explaining each of these documents in short, bite-size videos.


Sketch Up Crash Course for Real Estate Developers and Urban Planners in Toronto

Teaches you the foundation of Sketchup, in the urban planning context of Toronto. This recorded workshop will show you what tools, out of the many of the software, you actually need to use in order to understand and calculate GFA for early viability testing. It will show you how to use municipal planning tools like angular planes and conduct and a Shadow Study.

Toronto's Urban Design Guidelines - Summarized

Saves you time and energy: these are summaries of the City of Toronto’s three most prominent design guidelines that affect high-density development:

  • Mid-Rise Building Design Guidelines
    (125 to 11 pages),
  • Tall Building Design Guidelines
    (91 to 7 pages),
  • Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities
    (58 pages to 7 pages).

The Mid-Rise Building Calculator

Calculates for you the GFA of mid-rise buildings on Avenues as well as the:

  • permitted height,
  • front and rear setbacks,
  • step-backs,
  • Gross Floor Area/ Net  Saleable Area,
  • unit mix and unit type



Missing Middle:
The Basics & Case Studies

Helps you understand the definition, background and typologies of the Missing Middle, Building Code implications, some of the recent changes done by the City and the approval process it will take.

In the second module, you will learn to assess the development potential of a Missing Middle project with two full case-studies: 8-plex and low-rise apartment building.

Bonus: Townhouse Typology Tip Sheet

'Affordable housing is a Human Right' Tote Bag

All proceeds will be donated to Kehilla Residential Programme – a deeply affordable housing provider for low income individuals, seniors, and families.

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