We are Smart Density!

This is where we’re supposed to talk about how much we love cities (we really do!) or how much experience we have (15+ years!)…

But because we like to do things differently, let’s kick off with what we’re not:


We’re not in the business of creating cookie-cutter urban neighbourhoods.

We’re not chasing design awards or ticking boxes to impress magazine editors.

But we are:

On a mission to create great urban neighbourhoods that look and feel different.

We want to do this by:

Rewriting the rules addressing current problems in urban design all around the world.

We’re ambitious. We’re practical. We’re damn good at what we do. And we have a  robust process.

In short, we’re the team you want in your corner.
(And whilst we’re not in it for the awards — we received the prestigious Ontario Association of Architects Award (OAA) for Best Emerging Practice 2022. We’re also the only firm that received the OAA SHIFT award three times in a row.) 

Team Members

We’re a team of city-lovers, density-advocates, and travel-junkies.