Since 2008, we have travelled extensively, lived in many cities and explored a wide range of urban environments.
We are excited to bring this rich experience into our everyday work.

Naama Blonder | Architect, Urban Designer | B.Arch, OAA, MCIP

Naama has a bold vision: to change the conversation about what good development can and should look like; with that in mind, she co-founded Smart Density.

Naama’s professional work spans across planning and architecture, and by marrying the two disciplines, she brings a deeper and more realistic understanding of how municipal policies take physical shape.

Before starting Smart Density, Naama gained technical and management experience in planning at Urban Strategies and in architecture at Hariri-Pontarini Architects, where she learned firsthand how these disciplines operate and where the gaps between them lie.

Naama is a board member of Kehilla, an Affordable Housing provider, co-authored the Housing Affordability Report of the Ontario Association of Architect, and served at the Design Review Panel of the City of Burlington, where she provided Urban Design advice for development applications.

Naama practices what she preaches, and lives with her husband and child in a multi-family building in a transit-accessible area of Toronto, where the park is their back yard.

Misha Bereznyak | Architect | B.Arch, MUDS, OAA, LEED ND

Misha is a registered Architect and is educated in both architecture and urban planning. His experience in both disciplines gives him the expertise and the proven ability to lead complex development projects.

Working in an internationally recognized firm based in Toronto, Misha’s work included transforming large underutilized sites in the GTA, Ottawa and Greater Vancouver into vibrant, mixed-use communities.

With the combination of creativity and diligence, Misha explores a wide range of design solutions and conducts thorough research, looking deep into the implications of the design options to achieve nothing but excellent results.




Amit Ashton | B.Arch

Amit is an Architectural Designer specializing in modular architecture and efficient design layout for co-live/work housing and micro-home buildings.
Amit Co-founded CercaHomes, a design and manufacturing studio. The studio developed affordable and scalable modular housing units to introduce gentle density to existing neighbourhoods and operates in Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  
Amit has designed co-live/workspaces for grad students and young professionals while considering complex historic preservation and structural reinforcement requirements as well as sensitively managing tenant, supplier, and contractor relationships.