661-665 Huron Street Infill – Laneway Rowhouses

Missing Middle Portfolio

Missing Middle housing contributes to the sustainability of our cities, allowing people to walk and cycle for their everyday needs by putting people right at the centre of highly sought after amenities. This gentle density creates inclusive and sustainable communities, adding to the lively mix of people on foot and on two wheels.   

The project illustrates a perfect combination of infill development, with at grade family-sized units that fit seamlessly within the neighbourhood’s context. This gentle intensification will allow for much-needed housing stock, soft landscaping, vegetation, and privacy, considering the sightlines of the surrounding properties.

Most importantly, this type of typology will re-imagine what is possible on sites that are often underutilized in today’s landscape. There is an opportunity to create infill housing, one that is lively and full of the culture that many neighbourhoods crave. By redeveloping these sites from rarely visited and unattractive laneways to ones that encourage eyes on the street, this laneway can be the catalyst for creative uses and other laneway projects in the future.

These accessory dwelling units contain a robust typology that is scalable, affordable, prioritizes family living and retains the site’s character. This creative way to bring low-impact density keeps the adjacent properties’ overall integrity while introducing new housing options. Laneway suites also benefit from the actual lane being transformed into usable space through greening, public art or other public space installations.

We need to see the potential as stakeholders, future residents and developers that this type of gentle density is possible and is already happening. 


What: Laneway Rowhouses

Why: Infill Development, 250 m from Dupont Subway Station

Who: Originate Developments