“Misha is charming and soft-spoken. He is also super intelligent and a brilliant architect.”

— Chris Spoke, Always August

“Misha is soft spoken, but don’t let that fool you. He is super intelligent and a great architect.”

— Theresa Gamble, Brookfield Properties

“Misha is technically gifted  — there’s few people I’ve worked with that can see a plan and hear ideas and then put it together on the spot.”

— Scott Loudon, LFL Group

Misha Bereznyak

Architect, Urban Designer | B.Arch, MUDS, OAA, LEED ND

Misha is a highly perceptive critical thinker who sees things differently than most. He refuses to take anything for granted and looks at the built environment from angles that most architects and urban designers don’t even consider. His thoroughness in examining all possibilities is matched only by his unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence for both himself and Smart Density.


Misha is not interested in buildings that are intended to create a fleeting magazine wow-factor, instead he believes places need to be great in reality, not just in renders (so many renders look the same!) and images. 


It is Misha’s relentless pursuit of answers to these big questions that drives him to explore innovative solutions to complex problems. He asks questions like, “how can we bring back qualities of older cities (and to some extent older buildings) in today’s context, but with today’s means, technology, market?” and “how we are going to make urban environments much nicer consistently?”


Misha is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. His passion for finding solutions to these challenges is truly inspiring, and he continues to make significant contributions to the field of urban planning and design.

Misha is well-read and well-travelled. This means he is extremely knowledgeable, particularly in the areas of history and geography. His expertise in these subjects is truly impressive and makes him a valuable asset to any team, whether it’s for building design and urban planning projects or pub trivia!

Misha’s Favourites

Favourite city to wander: Seoul and Lisbon

Fav place to have coffee: Any nice patio or rooftop will do.

Fav park bench: the yellow ones at St. Andrew’s.