Samuel’s Favourites

Favourite city to wander: Toronto
Fav place to have coffee: Contra Café’s cortado on a breezy morning
Fav place to watch the sunset: Leslie Spit
Fav park bench: Any spot in Bickford Park under a tree

Samuel Rose

Architectural Designer | Honours Bachelor of Arts | Specialist in Architectural Studies: Design of Architecture, Landscape, and Urbanism

Living in the city, amidst a critical and historical education in architecture, Samuel has observed the frailty and shortcomings of our current system and its effects on everyday life, inspiring urgency in both his personal and practical response. He believes we need to re-evaluate the disciplines fixation with iconography and authorship. While measuring our response through the marriage of rationalized, habitable, and aesthetic spaces.

Samuel strives to confront the ordinance of urban consistency by promoting the meeting
of individual practices, under sustainable large-scale development plans. Imbued with tangible social benefits in both housing and collective space.

In his spare time, Samuel enjoys reading, street photography, and restoring old furniture found on the curb.