Aurora Mews

Family-Focused Shared Space This project organizes 5 townhome blocks around 2 mews, a type of shared space that promotes a sense of community and a “people-first, car-second” approach to residential development. The mews provide access to both building entrances and garages in a compact layout while functioning as communal space. Location: Aurora, ON Scale: Townhouse […]

661-665 Huron Street Infill – Laneway Rowhouses

Laneway Rowhouses in Toronto, Canada Unlocking the Missing Middle Missing Middle housing is a way to grow our cities. It is gentle density that fills the gap between single detached homes and high-rise buildings. It meets the growing demand for connected urban living and provides affordable housing options. Laneway housing is one way to address […]

Missing Middle Case Study: Re-Thinking the Conventional Stacked Townhouse

What are the Limitations of the Conventional 3-Storey + Basement Stacked Townhouses? Underground parking is 1.5 storeys below grade – expensive. Lower unit receives inferior daylight, open space and privacy. Access to the upper unit wastes space and frontage at the first level. First level of upper unit is two levels below the rooftop terrace. […]

Missing Middle Case Study: Low-Rise Apartment Building

The Missing Middle idea was coined by architect Daniel Parolek to illustrate the lack of housing types being built, not as a result of market forces but rather the result of policy – put simply, we have chosen to build everything else but Missing Middle housing. Missing Middle housing describes housing forms between single-detached houses […]

Laneway Suite on a Toronto Main Street

There are many examples in Toronto where a site on a main street isn’t the perfect match for an assembly or redevelopment, but would be the perfect match for some gentle density

1500 St.Clair W Employment Land

1500 St.Clair W Employment Land Client: Local Community Location: 1500 St. Clair Ave W, Toronto Scale: Block Plan Transit: Future Caledonia GO Station Project Duration: 2017 The project had two main drivers: 1. The site has a few factors that support significant intensification: location an a main street, adjacency to a future express transit station, and a […]