Incremental Urbanism in Mexico City

Written by: Misha Bereznyak I’m recently back from a visit to Mexico City, and was wondering what we in Toronto can learn from it. As the housing shortage in Toronto has reached a crisis level, the question of density and intensification has become more acute than ever. Of course, Mexico City is so much larger […]

A New Tall Neighbourhood with Old City Charm

Prepared for: Korea Land & Housing CorporationLocation: Seoul, South KoreaScale: Master Plan Size: 120 acres Transit: Metro, Bus Units: 9,500  Project Duration: 2022- To support sustainable growth of our cities, we need to provide robust urban infrastructure, diverse services, and thriving commercial centers in our new neighbourhoods. To do that, we need high density. Tall […]

Kissing Many Toads Before Finding the Prince: Office Conversion

A proposed plan to convert an office building to affordable housing Major cities across Canada and the US are facing 3 significant challenges: a massive housing shortage, excessive greenhouse gas emissions from new developments, and an oversupply of office spaces.   Toronto, for instance, closed out 2023 with a surplus of 2.7 million square feet […]

Our Urban Design Roundtables

Urban Design Roundtable Series Innovative Structural and Construction Systems To achieve sustainable, cost- and time-efficient development processes, our industry relies on groundbreaking advancements in structural and construction systems.  May 29, 2024 10 a.m. EST In Conversation With: Julia Köhler, CREE GmbH, Dornbirn, Austria Alberto Alarcón, HOLDECK, Madrid, Spain Austin Tunnell, Building Culture, Oklahoma City, OK, USA […]

More than Letter Swaps: how to shift from TODs to TOCs? By Scaling Down

Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) were initially introduced to optimize land use around transit nodes, creating a model for transportation and land use integration. These developments are situated near higher-order transit, with streets mainly lined with mid-rise and high-rise buildings. They offer a mix of uses, public spaces, and amenities, undoubtedly aiding the shift away from […]

The Story of Rental Apartments in Toronto 

The ongoing discourse around rental housing, propelled by a chorus of professional experts, policymakers, and advocates, happens in response to past choices, from rent control measures to the imperative of rental replacement, the risk-averse structure construction is financed today, and of course, the recent announcement by the federal government of GST rebate for new purpose-built […]

Due Diligence and Acquisition Checklist

Success in real estate acquisition starts with thorough preparation. Our Due Diligence & Acquisition Checklist, meticulously crafted to address the specific considerations of reviewing development sites.    Our checklist covers environmental, zoning, and historical considerations that impact the development potential of the site. Sounds like a great tool? It is! Download it here: Here are […]

Infill Opportunities in Affordable Housing

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Our Urban Design Roundtables

Urban Design Roundtable Series Winter Cities: Planning & Design Embrace the magic of winter and discover the secrets to creating vibrant, functional, and beautiful winter cities. We will cover key principles and innovative strategies for making cities come alive during the colder months, learning from 3 other (colder) Canadian cities: Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton. Our expert […]