Success in real estate acquisition starts with thorough preparation.

Our Due Diligence & Acquisition Checklist, meticulously crafted to address the specific considerations of reviewing development sites. 


Our checklist covers environmental, zoning, and historical considerations that impact the development potential of the site.

Sounds like a great tool?

It is!

Download it here:

Here are some aspects that our comprehensive checklist covers (but there are much more check boxes for you to check!):

1. Existing Context Assessment:

  • What are the existing conditions surrounding The site? Analyze neighboring developments, infrastructure, and potential impact.

2. Railway Safety Evaluation

  • What safety dimension should be assumed?

3. Parkland Dedication Analysis:

  • What parkland dedication requirements apply?

4. Municipal Policies and site-related policies

  • What are the local municipal policies and regulations that might affect the site?