Design will make or break a neighbourhood–building height won’t

Have you ever joined a community meeting about a new development? “It’s too tall,” you’ll hear neighbours proclaim. “The shadows will be unbearable!”Others suggest that mid rise and tall buildings “should only be built in the city’s core or near a highway.” Otherwise,they will “ruin neighbourhood character!”Whether the proposed development consists of six or sixty […]

GO Transit is reimagining its rail service, and you might not even know about it

Metrolinx is making it faster, easier, and more convenient to travel across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA) with its GO Expansion project. GO Transit is the GTHA regional transit system consisting of rail and bus services. In its 65-year history, the GO Train network has targeted suburban commuters travelling to and from Downtown Toronto […]

<strong>Helsingborg, I’m Coming!</strong>

5 Reasons I’m Excited about the Urban Future Global Conference After more than two years in Canada because of the pandemic, I’m looking forward to attending in-person events again! In June, I will be attending Helsingborg 22, the Urban Future Global Conference. The conference is an annual gathering of minds in urbanism and city-building. Change-makers, […]

City of Mississauga – Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods

These infill designs distill a nuanced understanding of urban planning, design, and policy into 8 straightforward design concepts to effectively increase the housing supply and be communicated to the public using clear design rationales. Client: City of Mississauga Type: Study Location: Mississauga, Ontario Scale: Infill Project Duration: 2022 Increasing Housing Choices in Neighbourhoods Like many […]

Aurora Mews

Family-Focused Shared Space This project organizes 5 townhome blocks around 2 mews, a type of shared space that promotes a sense of community and a “people-first, car-second” approach to residential development. The mews provide access to both building entrances and garages in a compact layout while functioning as communal space. Location: Aurora, ONScale: Townhouse ComplexSize: […]

The Perfect Missing Middle Project

Located on a site in a transition from a high density mid-rise building to a low density neighbourhood, this project fits seamlessly between the height and unit mix of the neighbouring structures – perfectly highlighting the appeal of Missing Middle housing. Client: Private OwnerLocation: Midtown Toronto, ONScale: Missing MiddleSize: ~10,000 GFATransit: 200m from Davisville Subway […]