Financial Incentives for Affordable Housing Part 2

Part 1 was one of our most popular blog posts ever! So we decided to update it with a part 2!   Here is a selection of notable funds with a range of incentives, this article navigates through many options, highlighting some key financial pathways to achieve affordable housing by all 3 levels of governments. City […]

Our Urban Design Roundtables

Urban Design Roundtable Series Next Generation of Dense, New Neighbourhoods Join us for our upcoming webinar, where our experts walk us through their case studies from Seoul, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Richmond, BC.   We will explore how these new communities could look and feel, how to integrate mobility and public space planning strategies to promote […]

More than Letter Swaps: how to shift from TODs to TOCs? By Scaling Down

Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) were initially introduced to optimize land use around transit nodes, creating a model for transportation and land use integration. These developments are situated near higher-order transit, with streets mainly lined with mid-rise and high-rise buildings. They offer a mix of uses, public spaces, and amenities, undoubtedly aiding the shift away from […]

My daughter’s ‘car allergy’: and why it matters for housing and city living

My 4.5-year-old daughter, asked if she’s allergic to anything, confidently says, “I’m allergic to cars.” Hilarious, right? She said that because she easily gets car-sick as we don’t drive very often. Yet, that innocent remark reflects a deeper truth about our cities and their reliance on cars. Why should we care about reducing this reliance? […]

Missing Middle & Affordable Housing in Kitchener

Missing Middle housing has become the type of housing communities wish to see more of. “Middle” could speak to many factors: height, size, income, and demographics. But could it be that we missed the opportunity to achieve the missing middle, and make it affordable? The burning question remains: Does it pencil? Is it feasible? Client: […]

The Story of Rental Apartments in Toronto 

The ongoing discourse around rental housing, propelled by a chorus of professional experts, policymakers, and advocates, happens in response to past choices, from rent control measures to the imperative of rental replacement, the risk-averse structure construction is financed today, and of course, the recent announcement by the federal government of GST rebate for new purpose-built […]

Israel’s Kibbutz: A Model of Car-Free, Communal Living and Sustainable Urban Planning We Could All Learn From

Small communities called Kibbutzim faced atrocities during the attack by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7, 2023. The Kibuzt is a peaceful, agricultural community, where resources are shared, not privately-owned, and decision-making is collective. All of the Kibbuztim are located within the pre-1967 border, recognized by the international community as the State of Israel. […]

Due Diligence and Acquisition Checklist

Success in real estate acquisition starts with thorough preparation. Our Due Diligence & Acquisition Checklist, meticulously crafted to address the specific considerations of reviewing development sites.    Our checklist covers environmental, zoning, and historical considerations that impact the development potential of the site. Sounds like a great tool? It is! Download it here: Here are […]

Infill Opportunities in Affordable Housing

Are you a Not-for-Profit Housing Provider? Do you currently own a site? I look forward to exploring opportunities together. Fill this form and we will get in touch Get the Deck!

Our Urban Design Roundtables

Urban Design Roundtable Series Winter Cities: Planning & Design Embrace the magic of winter and discover the secrets to creating vibrant, functional, and beautiful winter cities. We will cover key principles and innovative strategies for making cities come alive during the colder months, learning from 3 other (colder) Canadian cities: Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton. Our expert […]