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Our Urban Design Roundtables

Urban Design Roundtable Series Transit Infrastructure as a catalyst for urban transformation From Sweden, Singapore and the U.K. Our expert speakers will unveil the multifaceted role of transitinfrastructure in reshaping our cities. From a new neighbourhood tovisionary urban design principles that prioritize pedestrian-friendlyspaces and a car-light approach to the infusion of cutting-edgetechnology in understanding the […]

Our Webinars

Our Next Webinar Low, But Dense: Crafting Efficient Master Plans with Low-Rise Excellence this webinar will review how we should design efficient master plans with low-rise buildings. Discover how to achieve high-density urban environments while preserving the charm of low-rise architecture.   Naama will discuss strategies for optimizing land use, integrating green spaces sustainably, and […]

OPPI Adaptation Transformation

Hey, are you attending the OPPI Conference in Ottawa? I look forward to showing you the city I love and fortunate to call ‘home’. You can catch me at room 211 on September 20, 2023 where I will present our Scaling Down Approach: A People-First Tall Neighbourhood Case Study     Get the Deck!

A junction of freeways? A vibrant pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood

Regenerating a land surrounded by freeways to create a neighbourhood at human scale, for human speed Client: Private OwnerLocation: Toronto, ONScale: Master PlanSize: 50 acresProject Duration: 2022- Being smart involves turning great constraints into great opportunities, and that is what we do at Smart Density everyday. The way our cities have developed in the past […]

When street retail can’t work, bring back the Plaza

Introducing Car-free, Community-Oriented Commercial Spaces at the heart of Transit-Oriented Neighbourhoods. Client: Private OwnerLocation: Waterloo RegionScale: BlockSize: ~1.5 M SFTransit: 250m from a new LRT stopProject Duration: 2022- At Smart Density we tackle the dominant issue of housing affordability with the provably most sustainable strategy, that benefits everyone: creating well-designed, human scale, pedestrian-friendly, high-density developments […]

The New Neighbourhood Guidebook

As planners and designers, we are constantly involved in envisioning new neighborhoods. Being the good listeners that we are, ongoing conversations with our clients and the broader community are an important part of our process. All too often, we hear concerns about how we can plan or design a neighborhood that may take more than […]

Redefining Low-Density Living: A Non-Subdivision Alternative

A vibrant low-density community that offers a multitude of diverse urban living options, and the freedom to choose from them. “Smart” Density is all about optimizing how we develop valuable city land while fostering social and economic resilience within our communities. That is why we comprehensively analyze the unique characteristics of each parcel of land, […]

Urban Future

Hey, are you attending the Urban Future conference in Stuttgart, Germany? I look forward to showing you 3 case studies from Toronto, the city I love and fortunate to call ‘home’. You can catch me on June 21st at 2 p.m. at “Redevelopments: Get Inspired from top-of-the-class projects” Get my Deck! If we haven’t yet […]

Aurora Mews

Family-Focused Shared Space This project organizes 5 townhome blocks around 2 mews, a type of shared space that promotes a sense of community and a “people-first, car-second” approach to residential development. The mews provide access to both building entrances and garages in a compact layout while functioning as communal space. Location: Aurora, ON Scale: Townhouse […]