Oakville GO Station

When Smart Density envisions a master plan, you can expect a compelling document that communicates complex planning policies and solutions to local challenges in a digestible manner to your audience. Take the Oakville Station District Master Plan, for example, which highlights how a master plan report can be exhaustive, instructional, and approachable all at once.

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Client: Distrikt Developments
Location: Oakville, Ontario
Master Plan
Transit: Oakville GO Station
Project Duration: 2020-2050

Planning through Storytelling

The Oakville Station has been an integral part of Canada’s transportation and rail network since 1986. Envisioning the future for the Oakville Station District meant connecting this history to the present and the future – building a narrative that both the public and the municipality can connect with to position the upcoming changes as an exciting next step for the region.

Objectives Rooted in the Greater Context

A master plan involves identifying key objectives – like encouraging transit-supportive development and complete communities, in the case of Oakville – that align with the needs of the community and the evolving regional and local contexts. As density experts, we carefully examine the provincial and municipal policy context of a site to develop strategies that increase density while supporting population growth through appropriate transportation infrastructure. This detailed level of analysis prioritizes both the positive social outcomes and financial feasibility of your master planned project

Courtyards between buildings act as European-inspired piazzas, offering mid-block connections and creating intimate spaces that are separated from traffic and filled with comfortable seating and even restaurants and shops.

Compelling, Practical Visuals

Displaying the unique characteristics of a master planned community requires many forms of visual communication, but planning documents are too often conceptually vague and visually dull. To show the world what is possible for the future of your site, intriguing maps, practical diagrams, and thoughtfully sourced precedent images are compiled into a logical format that keeps the viewing experience at the forefront.

A well-planned public realm can contribute to human health and add interest to a neighbourhood. The public realm is a place for social connection, enjoyment, and recreation.