Creating a Transit Oriented Community in Markham

What? Mixed-Use, Transit-Oriented Development in the Milliken Centre

Why? Facilitate development by taking advantage of the site’s close proximity transit

Big Idea: Promote development in the Milliken Centre by utilizing the site’s close proximity (i.e. 400 m radius) to the Milliken GO station and planned all-day, two-way GO RER project that will further enhance the area’s connectivity.

52, 76 and 82 Old Kennedy Road & 20 Thelma Avenue are located in an area of incredible potential to facilitate transit-oriented, mixed-use development that will help achieve growth objectives set out in the Milliken Centre Secondary Plan (MCSP) and Development Concept Drafts. 

Why? The advancement of transit-oriented communities represents a sustainable form growth away from urban sprawl that will increase urban resilience and help cities decrease carbon emissions. 

The Subject Site is located in the Milliken Centre which is identified as a Local Centre and Potential Secondary Hub in Markham’s Official Plan. Milliken Centre is intended to serve as an important focal point for the larger Milliken District and support intensification of mid- and high-rise residential, mixed-use, commercial, and office development.

Through Official Plan Amendment 144, the land area of the MCSP was doubled in size from 35 ha to approximately 70 ha and is projected to accommodate another 15,000 – 17,000 residents and 4,800 jobs. The expansion aims to ensure future development is planned in a comprehensive manner that may successfully accommodate future growth to 2031 and beyond.

Its vision is “to provide a focal point for the larger Milliken district through a sustainable, compact, connected, pedestrian oriented, complete community at transit supportive densities that provides a balance and diversity of residential, retail, office, and public uses, and ensures there are ample public spaces and amenities to serve the future residents of the community…”

We know that Markham’s population grew from 208,615 people in 2001 to 328,966 in 2016 and that it is now one of the most statistically diverse communities in Canada. Markham is one of the main drivers behind York Region’s forecasted population growth from its current 1.1 million to 1.5 million people by 2031, and needs more efficient forms of development to meet this incoming need. 

The Mong Sheong development (24-storeys) at Sun Yat-Sen Avenue preceded the new MCSP, but many more applications for high-density, mixed-use development are anticipated.

At 52, 76 and 82 Old Kennedy Road & 20 Thelma Avenue, there is a valuable opportunity to intensify land near a high growth area, well served by transit that will help transition Markham to the populous municipality it is striving to become.