5 Reasons I’m Excited about the Urban Future Global Conference

After more than two years in Canada because of the pandemic, I’m looking forward to attending in-person events again! In June, I will be attending Helsingborg 22, the Urban Future Global Conference.


The conference is an annual gathering of minds in urbanism and city-building. Change-makers, (check out how Naama Blonder was featured as one too!), come together to strategize how to make cities and communities more sustainable, just, social, and green. Each year, the conference is held in a different city. I’m excited to travel to Helsingborg, Sweden for this year’s edition.


Here are 5 reasons why I’m excited about Helsingborg 22.



  1. Connect with global urban change-makers.

There is tremendous power in sharing knowledge about challenges and solutions in different urban contexts. I’m eager to connect with colleagues from around the world to learn about their urban innovations.


  1. Hear from industry leaders.


Helsingborg 22 features an inspiring lineup of speakers from six continents. With presentations from Danish Architect, Jan Gehl, former Chief Planner of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmaat, Co-Founder of Humankind, Lior Steinberg, and many more, I know that there will be deep insights to absorb and bring home..


  1. Experience the City of Helsingborg

Helsingborg is a coastal city with a mixture of medieval and modern buildings, beautiful Scandinavian architecture and mid-rise urban fabric. Experiencing the city and the design approaches will allow me to learn for our work at Smart Density. I look forward to exploring the city!


  1. Leave Zoom behind for an in-person event.

We adapted, remained connected, and forged ahead in life and work during the pandemic. While Zoom was and remains a great tool, I’m more than happy to leave the computer screen behind for face-to-face social connection. I hope to build relationships with international colleagues who will grow into long-lasting friends of our firm.


  1. Bring learning back home.

For Smart Density, the most important outcome of Helsingborg 22 will be new knowledge and understanding that will inform our work and enable our city-building mission to grow and make an impact on our community. It will be valuable to be immersed in this learning experience.


I’ll share my experience as it unfolds, so add me on LinkedIn and follow Naama on Twitter to see my updates.


Will you be attending Helsingborg 22 as well? I would love to meet up with you! Send me an email to get in touch.