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01. Urbanizing the Suburbs

Did you know that 8% of Americans live in buildings that are 20 storeys or higher, which is almost the exact same percentage as people living in a mobile home, vehicle or a boat in the U.S.?

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02. Our Plan Toronto + Vancouver 2050

Learn from experts behind the plans proposed to shape the future of housing, climate, jobs, and transportation in two of Canada’s fastest-growing urban centres!

03. 3 Things Toronto Should Learn from Tokyo’s Urban Planning

For one, Tokyo has 12 simple categories of Zoning – Toronto has 25, and they are not simple at all!

04. The mini-mid-rise

This award-winning concept proposes a mid-rise that skips the land assembly challenge


05. The Cost of Angular Planes

Let’s talk about the cost of 45-degree angular planes:

1. In housing units (and I mean the number of units we lose)

2. During design and construction

3. In achieving sustainability

4. In the message it sends as Torontonians

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