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When evaluating the development potential of a property, sometimes you don’t know if you’re heading in the right direction, or you are not sure that you understand the applicable “rules of the game” of planning and design – but it may be too early for a full Highest and Best Use study
Smart Density offers a 90-min consultation for that exact reason.
The purpose of the Consultation call is to inform the client about the high-level ‘rules of the game’ applying to the property from a planning (policy) perspective.
We will review the planning policies applicable to the site; this covers land-use designation, the existence of Secondary Plans, heritage, low/mid-rise/tall buildings alternatives, municipal guidelines that apply for the site, and the municipal approval process.


We will not cover an estimated built area (GFA) achievable on the site.


If you are interested in understanding what is the GFA achievable on the property we can issue a Highest and Best Use report or a simple 3D massing based on high-level assumptions for a preliminary review.


A meeting should be booked at least 4 business days in advance after the payment was settled; the site information should be provided at the same time.

$ 825
  • 45-min Offline Review
  • 45-min Consultation Call