Highest and Best Use Studies

As a team of architects and planners, we help developers and land owners evaluate the development potential of sites.

We provide a short and concise report including the major planning considerations and an estimated GFA.


Infill Site 

Outside the core, a narrow, shallow lot in a simple context; a single low- or mid-rise building


A wide or deep lot;
two mid-rise buildings, high-rise, hybrid mid- and high-rise

Master Plan

Development with new public realm elements e.g. streets, open spaces;
phased development;
multiple tall buildings

“We knew that a tower was appropriate for the site based on the OP and context but the question was, “how tall?”. Bousfields said around 20 storeys. Three other developers thought 17-30 storeys. That’s when we decided to hire SmartDensity. Their comprehensive feasibility study reviewed the area context, various planning regulations, and recent development precedents and recommended a 28-storey building with 211,000 sf GFA. The ultimate development application was for a 29-storey building with 211,000 sf GFA.   We have since worked with SmartDensity on a handful of other developments and would recommend them to anyone.”
Lyle Jones, President, Brunswick Developments
What’s in the report?

The report is a distilled analysis of the three main areas of consideration of the development potential:

  • Review of the relevant regulatory framework and planning policies governing the site;
  • Analysis of the relevant development applications in the area;
  • A building massing and the associated GFA yields, based on planning and design considerations.
What’s not in the report?

The report doesn’t include:

  • Floor plans
  • Unit mix
  • Parking layouts
  • Architectural expression
  • Rendered images

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Which sites are eligible? 

The proposed fees apply for sites within the Greater Toronto Area. For sites located outside of the GTA, an additional fee is required.

What is the turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time is 10 Business days for infill and large sites and 15 days for a master-plan. A 15% rush fee will be applied to orders with a shorter turnaround time.

In what development phase is the report used?
The thoroughness of the report is suitable for the due-diligence phase. However, our clients have found it to be a powerful tool as early as the bidding phase since it provides the leverage you need.


Do you need to understand the development potential of a specific site?