S: Laneway Housing

Smarter, Sustainable Living Right in your Backyard

What is a Laneway Suite?

A laneway suite is a secondary home that is detached from the main house on the property, located at the back of the lot facing the laneway. A laneway suite is smaller than the main house on the property and must be under the same ownership, leading many homeowners to build them for rental income or a family member (parents and grwon children).

What you need to know about building a Laneway Suite?

  1. The laneway suite can be built to maximum dimensions of 10 m (33 ft) long and 8 m (26 ft) wide and up to 6m (no more than two storeys). The dimensions are also limited by the size of the lot and the amount of space taken up by the main house.
  2. Getting your Plan Approved: If your property and the design meet the zoning requirements, you can apply directly for a building permit to be approved As-of-Right.
  3. If you don’t meet all the zoning requirements, then a Minor Variance would be required, and the project would be discussed at the Committee of Adjustment. A project will be subject to a Zoning Certificate before the permit application could be submitted.
  4. Usually all the services have to be sourced from the main building, and this introduces a challenge for some of the houses.

First thing first, is your property eligable to build a laneway suite?

Watch this tutorial:

Smart Design

In a smaller space, every inch matters.
We’ve created an efficient design for our laneway houses that utilizes every bit of space wisely.

Why Prefabricated Construction?

1. Better Quality

The same durable materials as a conventional house, but better built. The houses are built off-site in a controlled environment which means fewer mistakes and better quality control.

4. Hassle Free

Get your home assembled on-site in just a few days once the foundation and utility connections are in place. Avoid months of noisy construction in your backyard. Plus, no unexpected costs or problems, like weather delays.

2. Faster Construction

60% faster than traditional construction. Don’t wait for months in the long construction process. Have your laneway house completed in a matter of weeks.

5. Sustainable Innovation

Building each house from scratch is wasteful and inefficient. The high-tech design and construction approach helps us build more houses with less material wasted, and less waste also means more affordable.

3. More Affordable

Spend approximately 22% less than traditional construction for the same quality home - a smart way to avoid Toronto’s inflated construction costs.