Why Us?

01. We Are True to Our Beliefs

We live, breath and advocate for making a better urban environment. Each project contributes to the city in different ways, but we won’t work on something that makes things worse.

This is good because everyone can trust that if we advocate for a project, we really believe in it.


02. We Care, Deeply

We approach projects with thoroughness, diligence and sensitivity as if our own money is at stake and our own neighbourhood is changing.


03. We’re Architects That Speak Plain Language

We cut the jargon. Using clear and compelling visuals and converting architectural and planning terms so that everyone can understand.

By having a deep understanding of City Building, we can come up with innovative solutions to address policies through design.


04. The New Kids on the Block

We are experienced architects, but Smart Density is here to infuse fresh blood into an industry dominated by the ‘same old same old’ big companies. We were in the most prominent firms and municipalities – and we know what can be improved.


05. Optimistic

You can’t make everyone happy, but it shouldn’t prevent us from making the world a better place, and that’s why we approach everything we do with creativity and problem-solving state of mind.


06. Our Clients like Working with Us

55% of our business comes from referrals and 73% of our clients are repeat clients.