How do we help in the Development Approvals Process? 

With a focus on effective building and site design, thorough coordination with consultants and a productive dialogue with City staff, we can improve the timeline of development approvals while retaining the development objectives.


Visioning and Master Planning

Most projects add a single building to an existing context. With larger sites, we don’t only fit within a context – we define the new context. To make the best use of this opportunity, we develop site-specific story and design to create a desirable places and unlock the highest potential of the site.









Identifying Sites with
Development Potential

Being ahead of the curve is critical in development, and by researching changes in policy and planned investments in infrastructure we can identify early on sites where development potential is likely to increase. We look at land along future transit lines and stations, employment areas, and general underutilized sites to help identify where the greatest potential lies.

Feasibility Studies

Combining our knowledge of architecture and planning creates the ideal set of skills to assess the potential of sites before submitting an offer or when identifying the best development approach.


Design Review Panels (DRP) Presentation Consulting

A successful presentation to the DRP can make a big difference in how the project is perceived. Having “insider” experience with DRPs in Burlington and Vaughan and having reviewed dozens of presentations, we understand what is required to make a positive impact.

Visual Materials for Community
Outreach / Engagement

Community outreach is challenging but when done well it can make the development process easier. By communicating professional content in a way accessible to a wide audience and by focusing on the things that make a real difference to the community, the discussion can be made productive instead of confrontational.